Wednesday, June 29, 2011

date #23: empty canvas, full of apples.

a decided plan over a month in advance- collaborative paintings where we each start a canvas, every x-amount of minutes, a trade off... multiple shufflings and then a final decision on a specific date. excitement for finally being able to follow through with this idea that i've had, and with an artist that has work that i really dig nonetheless... a message from him the night before asking if we're still on for the date...  a reassuring text that morning stating that i'm his top priority. a brainstorming because neither of us were with working vehicles... a solution was presented and... a text back saying he was at a friend's party. saying he was going to try and find a ride back home.

i knew better. i didn't hear back from him.

my cousin said she'd be willing to go out with me and try to lasso up some unsuspecting victims but luckily i heard back from one of the guys that i met at shangri-la and agreed to a last-minute get-together. i asked him how he felt about the game apples to apples and he asked if i ever played more "manly" games like dice. ahh, a skeptic i see. just you wait...

i couldn't get his other two friends to play at first.. they were giving me all sorts of silly excuses. but once a table opened up that was big enough for all of us and the game, i suggested that we go play right in front of them to entice and draw them in. by jove, it worked. after a certain round i just decided to risk it and deal them in. by the end of the night we were all laughing like crazy, teasing and trying to figure each other out.

you know, even though this guy is very attractive in both physical appearance and demeanor, i don't think there was a romantic connection, but that's quite alright. we all had a great time even though we barely knew each other... and i think that should happen more with strangers.

best part of the day: seeing my cousin let go and be her comedic self around strangers
best part of the date: 100% freshly squeezed apples
worst part of the day: being dropped. again.
worst part of the date: being questioned about my methods for fun!


  1. I've noticed this about Apples to Apples just from my own experience. I didn't want to play when I was first introduced to it when I was in Dallas last year. I had nothing else to do so I jumped in and had a blast. Especially since the game owner had made his own cards with things like, "Bobby Knight" and "the inside of my butthole".

    In the end we freaked out some innocent bystanders and laughed until we almost fell out of our chairs.

    I'm now convinced no one can resist a good game of Apples to Apples.

  2. Dates without rides are not good...sigh. Too fraught with possibility of failure, and I guess that guy didn't consider cabbing it home.