Wednesday, June 29, 2011

#22: double-date, -dare, -disappointment

after meeting about 20 new people in the previous few weeks, and spending a lot of time alone trying to write, i was in desperate need of an old friend, a familiar face. someone i can trust and who views the world a lot like me. who is not afraid of acting ridiculous or walking out of the house without a shower. someone that i can talk to in a straightforward manner and not worry that they will get all butt-hurt about it (or even other outside things that are fleeting). that's my buddy shelby. not sure she would like to admit this to just anyone, but underneath her tough, tatted exterior, i personally think she's a hopeless romantic. that's why she's my soul matey! i would love to find a guy version of her. it seems like a lot of guys that i've come across in the past couple of years are more girly than both her and i put together. sigh.

anyway- i about soiled my shorts when she told me that not only was she flying in to visit for a week, she bought us tickets to see Airborne Toxic Event. aaaand she was single. double date adventure! since one of the crew members was going to be in town, and knowing he had a good sense of humor, i asked if he would be willing to find a friend and all four of us would play a daring game of truth or dare. we would all be a part of filming, passing the camera around. in my head it resembled That 70's Show when they're all in the basement having conversations with mary jane... only we'd ask jack daniels to join us at the bar instead.. and no offense eric, but we would have totally blown you out of the water.

if it would've happened. the whole day it all just seemed so up in the air and then during the concert i received a text message from my crew guy saying that his friend was stuck in fort worth or something. i swept the annoyance of another fall-through aside pretty quickly. i can't complain about having personal shelby time! especially when that includes a brilliant live performance.

unfortunately that had to end, so afterward we started walking toward 6th street seeking out adventure and i thought i had a door open for an impromptu date. a pedicabber waved us in, even after convincing protests of being okay with hiking it, all free of charge. when we explained why we had no destination, my project came up and how plans had fallen through. he said he was getting off work soon and that if we got off, he would give me his number. wait... you want to hang out... but you're kicking me off your cab? or are you meaning something else?? ohhh... to get to your cards, you need us to physically move because they are under our seat. he yanks off the cushion and pulls out this big flash card illustrated with old-school PBS characters of sorts and it says "IF." with a laugh, he scribbles "you get off" to the end of that. what are the chances?

and what are the chances of another no-show? he texted me saying that he happened to get a flat tire. do i believe it?


  1. Was that the LZR show? I was there! A friend and I were randomly gifted tickets by someone looking to give them away while we were celebrating another friend's b-day (she couldn't stay out). That was a pretty good show :)

  2. LZR--La Zona Rosa. Not sure why the Z isn't showing in my post above...