Sunday, July 3, 2011

date #24: house arrest

i can't be sure, but i think i've only been to one house party in the last two years. the idea always makes me feel nostalgic for the good ole college days. so mr. date #24, you say our date can be a party at your place? and i can bring my cousin and visiting bud? perfect!

all amped up for meeting new people, a few drinks, maybe some loud music and a light-hearted atmosphere, when the pretty little bubble was burst the moment the door was swung open. there were three... yes three people... and they were glued to a shoe-screeching game of basketball on the telly, complete with an aura that communicated that they wanted little to do with us.

i was hoping there was something coming that i was unaware of, or that my date had some tricks up his sleeve. after all, one of his emails stated that he recognized that i was the type to like something more creative than the typical dinner and movie date. but after dinner he and one the friends ducked outside to have a cigarette... that must have been the size of texas. i guess he must have thought since i had a couple of my friends with me, that we'd be okay. but then what was the point of us being there? certainly not to watch some yawn-inducing argument between fishermen on the boob tube.

so after what seemed like an hour and jokes of escaping through the bathroom window, i walked outside to let him know that our brains were melting from inactivity. he immediately apologized and said he got caught up enjoying the beautiful night. okay, i'll give him the fact that i could've gotten lost in the dark calm myself, but not if i had company. i wish he would've gotten up right after i told him of our boredom, but unfortunately the two just preceded to rattle off negative stories and feelings about random people i've never met while i sat there uncomfortable.

finally, after the butt of texas had been put out, his friends left and it was just us four. his sleeves proved to be void of tricks so it's a good thing i came prepared. i brought a few different games and of course the majority ruled in favor of apples to apples... and it proved to be fruitful. (that pun was intended for all of you who do not know my sense of humor personally. you're welcome.) at least the game leveled us, put us all at ease, and let us laugh.

here may be the most interesting part: the next day i happened to meet someone that knew my date. there's a chance that this was just hearsay, but...they told me that the reason why we had to have the date where we did was because #24 was on house arrest.

best part of the date: the meal that he made for us really was delicious and thought-out.

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  1. Huh. Did you google your date first? I wonder what that would have turned up :p