Sunday, May 1, 2011

a thank you

i just want to set something straight.

the last blog was not a cry for sympathy, nor was it a lack of appreciation for anyone that's helped me along the way.

it was more or less a very raw moment of loneliness and anxiety. even though it was a vulnerable thing for me, i wanted to illustrate to the world that i'm feeling petrified of what i got myself into.

and when you feel lost like that, it's hard to convince yourself that the big task that you've taken on is the right one- that it's actually what you're supposed to be doing... that you need to keep going through with what you believe in. AND- when you don't have any sort of budget, it's even harder to ask for help.

SO here's where i want to thank everyone that has helped me in any way. it really does mean a lot to me and i will pay you back somehow. i will.
audiobrad productions
3one media
stacey tomon and the townhouse
mary rae arvizu, makeup artist
jason ice, artist
green nessa lantern, artist
anderson coffee
esquina tango
j blacks
lucky j's
anyone that helped me search out dates
all of the blog followers
and everyone who has sent over encouraging words

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  1. You're doing great :) This is going to be a fun project!