Monday, May 2, 2011

date #1: just what i needed

oh tall mr. beardo in the lovely dress... you were supposed to be my #1 date. out of hundreds of beardos in that contest at the Mohawk, i felt compelled to talk to you because you dared to wear heels all night. any dude who is willing to do that is bound to be an interesting date, right? it's too bad you had to spend all of yesterday combing the earth for your keys... and did i hear you say something about your bike being in a tree? are you making a Mel Brooks film?

good thing i had a volunteer for backup. with a whole can of worms opening up just recently, it was really nice to have someone that i've actually met before be my first date. and on top of that, someone i knew to be a good guy- a "midwest gentleman" i believe were his words. see, he's actually from Nebraska (my home state) and even though we had only been around each other a few times prior, that seems to make for an instant camaraderie.

after everything, including the kick-off party the night before, i was more than thankful to have a low-key night at the Apothecary just talking and sharing a bottle of Twenty Bench cabernet (description: "...chocolate covered cherries."[sold]).

conversing about music never seems to get old to me. (wait... please let me insert the word "solid" in there.) i guess i was surprised to find out that we have some of the same wide range of likes. Frank Sinatra and Dropkick Murphys in the same sentence? nice.

but what really meant the most to me, more than the opening of doors and having such patience with me fumbling through things, is what he stated as his hopes for what i would gain out of this venture. more than any of my ideas or goals, he wants me to recognize that i am someone worth dating and that a good guy will appreciate me for what i am. they're out there.

you know how almost all of the major football and baseball movies have the coach giving that intense pep talk right before the big game? i feel like that was it for me. sans jock straps and butt slaps, of course.

i'm ready to do this. go team.


  1. I was really looking forward to this blog, but the writing leaves a lot to be desired. Please capitalize words after periods. That's the least you can do for your poor readers. Also, please don't use sentence fragments because they're distracting.

  2. go amber! i haven't found a sociology experiment this intriguing since my intro to soc in hs. looking fwd to more. u r my new scooters!

  3. ima poor reeder, and my but herts butt i donut hav any but kreme...i love you amber keller, <3 your butbuddy michelle

  4. Anonymous,
    If you are going to criticize a blog, fine. But at least attach your name to it.

  5. Joshua Mycal Griffis5/02/2011 12:06 PM

    Anonymous . . .

    It is my assumption that berkeller is employing "artistic license" concerning her grammatical and syntactical usage. If you are so unnerved by her style, perhaps you would better enjoy publications by Funk and Wagnalls; furthermore, I would highly recommend veering clear of Conrad, Balzac, Eliot, Hemmingway, Joyce, Shelley, Poe, Tolstoy, Hawthorne, and Dostoyevsky as their methods might induce vomiting.

    Amber -- I enjoyed your first entry . . . waiting with bated breath for the next 29! Happy writing ;)

  6. Anonymous,
    If you want to criticize a blog, that is fine. But at least attach your name to it. Anonymous critiques are a bigger violation of blog etiquette.

  7. amber,

    good luck with the venture! im looking forward to the next 29.......i love a person with brains and guts and also someone who can go against the grain...rawk on girl and i hope my punctuation didnt offend "anonymous". be yourself and be happy!
    kevin woodard

  8. Okay, I need to try that wine...

    I cannot be more excited for you...seriously!

  9. Great job fun Amber! So glad you got a pep-talk! Everyone needs a little push of encouragement. Maybe you should just stop the experiment here? ;)

  10. Well said Patrick. Okay, might be a bit biased here, but if you are willing to write something, at least put your name with it.

    Mike [aka. Date 1's dad]

  11. All I want to say is "yay!" and "good luck!" and you're the most interesting thing I'm reading right now. ;)

  12. amber ur writing style is tops! plus this project is awesome, love it!