Wednesday, May 18, 2011

halfway through! my highlights

favorite dates as a whole:

#2: a fellow nerdtastic gooner from nebraska. right away i knew i could say something completely irrelevant and random and we'd just laugh. i feel like he wouldn't judge me no matter what i wore out, if i dressed up or dressed down, makeup or no makeup. plus, we have the same sense of a somewhat punk-rock style and that's always been comfortable for me. i blame my brother. but dammit #2, eat some bacon or something! you're so skinny!

#5: a positive, outgoing, "borderline hipster," as he's dubbed himself, that is having that struggle of structure vs. inspiration... or (society's version of) responsibility vs. adventure. i can see the creativity, excitement, and ideas brewing in you. i'm curious to see where you will let that take you in the next few years!

#10: a lover of life with an ingrained sense of living to the fullest. a great i-can-do attitude and a see-it-through mentality. not to mention that damn australian accent...

#11: a reflective artist that's on the right path of finding a balance between taking himself and his goals seriously but life with a grain of salt. finding an artist with the right kind of drive, especially one as introspective as yours, seems to be few and far between. keep going.

favorite highlights:

arcade fire and "tailgating" beforehand
man man
having a full, beautiful meal made for me from scratch
playing crack the case with someone in a different country
photo adventure and byob putt-putt


  1. Love it. :) So glad you're having all these fun experiences! I really wish there was a "date picture" so I could see the faces instead of imagining. I'll just wait for the film. ;)

  2. Second dates planned yet? ;)