Thursday, May 19, 2011

date #16: a different point of view- 360 bridge

from the outside, the date itself doesn't seem that intriguing. doesn't everyone down here visit the 360 bridge? i've seen so many pictures of the same angle so many times that it had taken the excitement out of going. i admit that was an unfair viewpoint. i guess i still seem to unconsciously take that attitude toward certain things that are overwhelmingly popular.

i found out there's a reason why it is... and in all honesty, i should've known better.

i love seeing things from above, being removed from the innards and up where you're closer to the clouds. after shedding my fear of heights, i've come to adore the mountains and rooftops, parasailing and airplanes. if i could live at the top of a cliff overlooking the ocean, i would. i don't even care if the only "walls" that would surround me were the ones that i had to pitch every day and the only way out of my humble abode was one that required a zipper.

i guess that's the way i try to see life situations now- stepping back to look at the whole picture and realizing there's so much more to the story, or to a feeling or person, than most people even care to try and see. everyone is so eager to say that they have it all figured out. (yes, yours truly has been guilty as well. i apologize.)

in fact, that's one of the first conversations that my date and i had while on the way to bridge. he explained very openly and sincerely that he didn't want to talk about jobs or how/where he grew up. he's tired of people judging others specifically because of those things and that he would rather someone get to know him for him and let those topics naturally come about later. not only did he instantly gain my respect from his straightforwardness, but the outlook was very refreshing. he went on to admit that he didn't understand the dating scene here in the states because of the large cultural difference from Mexico. i've lived here my entire life and i still don't get it. i'm not sure if anyone can say they really know what they're doing. but i'll try my hardest to achieve the goal of taking something so seemingly complicated and simmering it down into a reduction of simple ideas and sharing the process with anyone that's interested.

with an introduction like that and then a meandering into a few other like subjects, it felt extremely nice to just sit back and listen to someone who has really thought about society and its different interactions. multiple times he blurted an apology for rambling but truthfully it was both relaxing and comforting to see someone care about these specific things as much as i do, not to mention the fact that i've been talking incessantly the last two weeks.

so i can't explain how appreciative i was, sitting upon that climbed rock and being allowed so much silence. someone was granting me not only a moment of unclouded beauty, and of shared beauty, but also one of few words. that alone speaks louder of one's heart more than anything that could come from the vocal chords. if you can't bond over a shared peace such as that, then you've definitely gone with the wrong person.

i believe that as a result, we each let a few things settle in our minds and we were able to talk less in generalities and become more personable. we couldn't stop laughing at the fact that we went to Mozart's Coffee for some additional quiet time next to the water, but we kept getting interrupted by things like "til the sweat drops down my balls, blah blah, bitches and ho's." thanks outdoor bar next door! that'll sure set the mood.

you know, one of the very first things that date #16 wanted to warn me about is the fact that he still has some problems with English. i find it interesting that i had an easier time communicating with him more than half of my previous dates.

worst part of the day: seeing all of the litter around the 360 overlook.
worst part of the date: i don't know?
best part of the day: him having to remind me each time with a laugh that he had only one rule: i had to wait for him to open the car door for me. i kept forgetting :P
best part of the date: him standing on his chair at Mozart's exclaiming that he loves seeing the world from a different point of view.


  1. This reminds me of Dead Poets Society. I must respect someone who can embody a powerful part of such a movie regardless of having seen it.

  2. Love, love, love this one. :) This date made me smile.