Friday, May 6, 2011

date #cinco: de mayo

hope... but never expect.

that's become one of my mantras over the past couple of years. it has really helped me to step back from situations- and more importantly- emotions. if you end up focusing on one little thing, you can get so consumed in your head that you end up missing the big picture. sometimes, yes, i still need a tap on the shoulder to remind me, but it gets easier over time. i think people just need to focus on the joys of living and take everything as a learning curve. go. be. do. see. not only will you meet people along the way, but then you'll have those wonderful experiences to talk about when you want to strike up conversation with someone.

i think expectations are our worst enemy.

i believe that's why last night went so well.

yes, maybe at first we had to sand down some rough edges, but i attribute that more to the fact that it started out confusing. he said he had contacted Serrano's and we had a reservation set. when i called to make sure it was okay to bring in a camera, they said that they didn't have anything written down. i let him know; he said he had it figured out... no big deal. but when i tried to contact him through text messaging, there was no reply. i had this nagging feeling that it was all a big joke and that when i got there, him and his friends were going to be hiding in the shadows laughing at me being "stood-up". it turns out that you're not going to be able to communicate with someone if you have the wrong number saved. oops.

exchanging a few back-stories over a couple of drinks was just a way to gauge each others' demeanor  before heading toward the essential part of the date. although... i'm not sure that it was really necessary. when he had emailed me about being a potential date (titled "it's date:30 somewhere..."), i was in possession of two Emo's tickets and on the search for someone who would thoroughly enjoy that other ticket.  see, you can't take just anyone to go see Man Man. for one: when i see them, my brain explodes into a happy puddle and i'm transfixed. i have to have someone who doesn't mind that i'm paying the band more attention than them. and two: simply put- they are nuts.

so to get back to that email- he had included the link to his facebook profile and i could immediately tell that he had an appreciation for music. the very first reply that i had sent back to him contained only this: "do you like Man Man??" well then i realized that that probably wasn't a very personable way to  more or less introduce myself and remedied it, but he took it all in stride. he admitted that he had never heard of them but looked them up and liked what met his ears. i told him to prepare for a dancing fool because he was going to be my date.

i think from now on i'm going to get to every concert as early as humanly possible. we landed a spot practically ON stage and hung out there throwing band names at each other, making friends and enjoying the atmosphere. after Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers played (++) and packed up, the guys came out and starting unveiling a whole whirlwind of ridiculous. the entire stage was overloaded with drums, keyboards, xylophones, toys, cowbells, rope lights, cymbals, microphones, etc. etc. it was a colorful circus. i looked at him and asked if he knew what he got himself into. "ever expect something like this on a blind date?"

of course not! but we BOTH had a blast. i know that seeing such a brilliant show can deliver that itself, but if you go with someone who has the wrong attitude, it makes a world of difference. i think both of us just went into this with an open mind and no expectations. if you can achieve that (on any and every date), i think you can be free to just have fun.

best part of the night: Honus Honus's crotch in my face.
best part of the date: seeing that my date was enjoying the show
worst part of the night: Honus Honus's crotch in my face.
worst part of the date: me slipping right outside of Serrano's and almost falling. (i usually don't get embarrassed, but i think i did for a second!)


  1. Ohhhh I just love you. I don't see how any guy could NOT have a great time with you. Excited for you!! Love reading your blog everyday. ;)

  2. Keep it up baybay only 24 more dates to go. youre off to an incredible start. im super proud and the stories are only getting better. hoe ever your punctuation leaves something to be desired... ;)

  3. Ooooooo, I had never heard of Man Man, but now I love them. :D