Thursday, May 5, 2011

date #4: speed dating

i feel like i have to apologize to date #4... arcade fire is a hard act to follow. on top of that, i'm already tired of painting my face, putting my eyeballs in and fine-tuning my hair. if i only have to do that once or twice a week, i enjoy putting forth an effort because it can definitely be an art-form, but any more than that annoys me. i like giving my face a rest. so date #4 got to experience the glasses, ponytail, and plain(ish) side of amber.

so i find it interesting that he's the first one to tell me that i looked really nice. it seriously took me by surprise. i'm not sure if my face matched my inner reaction, but if so, i had to have been blushing.

this date met up with me at Baby A's. word was floating around about this world famous purple margarita; it was too enticing to ignore. i'm not sure what constitutes "world famous" but it definitely lived up to its expectations. and after reading that there was a limit of two per customer, it made sense why i was feeling loopy after only one. a grilled fish taco with a savory habaƱero sauce was a perfect way to set my stomach back on a straight path.

as for my date, i could tell that he felt slightly awkward or nervous in the beginning. i tried easing his discomfort by being very open about the fact that i don't really know what i'm doing either. i really wish that i would've been the one to drop salsa on my shirt instead of him. i think that would've broken the tension like a brick to glass.

but do you know what i've found does just that? a few card games of Speed (with Hello Kitty cards, nonetheless). that gives a new definition to "speed dating" doesn't it?

i loved having something to engage ourselves in. a common denominator really helps bring two people together and drives the unwanted fumbling out. instead of wondering what to do with your hands, you're both focused on something constructive. instead of dealing with the typical small talk or trying to think of impressive stories about yourself, a common point of interest usually brings a more natural conversation out.

i have to say, though, that it's admirable that he stepped outside of his comfort zone and gave this a try. first dates can be hard enough to get through, but a blind one that's being documented? yowza. date #4, i recommend keep going on dates so that you can get past that uncomfortable barrier, because even though my type is more outwardly goofy, you're definitely a good guy and i know you can find a good girl to match. thank you so much for the night out. i really appreciate it.

worst part of the date: no chemistry
worst part of the night: writing that there was a lack of chemistry. 
best part of the night: winning all but one card game ;)
best part of the date: tearing down the awkwardness


  1. Aw yay! Tearing down awkwardness!! I love it too!

  2. I like that, even though not a perfect date, it was still beneficial and constructive for both of you. :)

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