Thursday, May 5, 2011

date #3: arcade fire

april 29, 2011 (four days before the date) - new message:

"Hi Amber: I just saw the article on the idea you have about 30 dates in 30 days, which I think is pretty cool and interesting.  I actually would like to go on one of those dates with you if you'd be interested.  I'll tell you a little bit about myself: I just moved to Austin in September; I am a 26-year old attorney here; I'm outgoing and personable; I enjoy going to a whole bunch of concerts while I'm here, which I actually have an extra ticket to Arcade Fire on Tues. May 3rd if you'd like to go on the date to that (or whatever you'd like to do, just an idea); and I really like to do some extreme and different things too.  Let me know what you think!  I look forward to hearing from you!"

yes!! oh-my-everything-that's-good-and-holy YES!

i checked my calendar, saw that the guy originally set for may 3rd hadn't gotten back to me in a while and immediately shoved him to the side. let's be honest though- i probably would've done that in 96% of the cases. this is a band i've been wanting to see for almost four years now.

in the emails that were exchanged after my very quick reply, he suggested that we meet at HEB to grab a cooler with drinks and snacks to tailgate beforehand, getting there early so that we can land a good spot toward the front... now that's a true concert buddy. i have to say that he had already gained multiple points in his favor.

unfortunately i probably lost a few by being late- not by a couple minutes... but by twenty. after accepting my whole-hearted apology, we got down to business. beer was easy... but when it came to food, we ended up playing the game of "what do you want?" "i don't know, what do you want?" he was so nice that he probably would have let me choose a sardine and spam sandwich if i asked for it.

it didn't stop there. he opened doors, asked me questions, and had a ridiculous amount of patience in traffic. he had packed two light jackets just in case, koozies, a chair- just one chair- for me, and a backpack. heck, he even offered to split his last piece of gum with me. unfortunately it looked like it had been doing gymnastics moves in his pocket all day, flexible and weary. i thankfully declined.

all through the show he was asking if i needed anything or if i wanted to move. i told him i was perfectly fine but i was willing to meander through the crowd if he wanted to. his response was commendable. he said that these people had gotten here first so they deserve the front and we should stay put. i was more than fine with being about six feet back!

as a very independent person, i'm really not used to someone doing so much for me or paying me that kind of attention. a big part of me thinks that it would end up being too much for me. i don't know... maybe i've just adapted this way because i was forced to- spending time around the wrong type of guys. or maybe i just like equality... not like the stereotypical feminist bull, but more about a give-give relationship. i like helping and contributing, and definitely not being high-maintenance... wouldn't that get old? that's an honest question for you chivalrous men. i'm curious.

the way i see it all playing out is this: the girl gets used to that much attention. then years down the road she'll ask for your help when all you want to do is sit on the couch and watch t.v. after a long day of work. then she wonders why you don't love her anymore and you wonder when she got annoying.

getting back on track, i have to tell you one more story. (i'm sorry date #3; i had to!)

as we were in the cluster of cars trying to funnel out of the venue, the subject of fights breaking out at concerts came up, and he admitted that he should've been punched in the face before. that really took me by surprise because at this point i couldn't imagine him doing anything to purposely piss someone off. of course when i inquired, he hesitated, slightly laughed, and then told me not to judge him. (this received my full attention.) he told me that him and his buddy had gotten really sloshed while pre-gaming, and while he was jam-packed in the center of the chaotic crowd, he needed to go to the bathroom. he gave me a good long pause to let my mind create it's own ending. where i thought this story was headed made me want to both bury my head in the sand and laugh hysterically. he was so drunk that he thought no one would notice if he just let his bladder loose all over the floor, but like Moses, he parted the crowd like the Red Sea. then someone yelled "hey! this guy is peeing on people!" and he and his friend ran for it. i cannot believe that there were absolutely no consequences for that! he did say, humbly, that it wasn't his proudest moment... but after being such a put-together gentleman all night, i consider that an amazing story.

• worst part of the day: my being late, HEB not letting my camerawoman in to film, google maps leading us astray when trying to find the venue, all resulting in making her wait.
• worst part of the date: feeling helpless when preparing for the date.
• best part of the day: arcade fire of course.
• best part of the date: the genuine/giving demeanor, his sense of humor... and the story.


  1. :) keep 'em comin'

  2. I don't know if it was possible, but God I hope that pee story is on video.

  3. Love reading about these... can't wait to hear about the rest :)

  4. This is awesome, so happy you had a great time. Was wanting to go to that show myself, but a certain someone failed to invite me;) So, if you really like a date what's the rules on a second date? And, by the way, I love when they catch me "off guard" with no makeup and a ponytail, I really do think they think we look good that way (and we probably do)!

  5. I didn't realize that you actually have a camera lady following you around!! This is going to be my favorite film in the world!

    Also, a thought on the gentleman - I think opening doors and all of that is wonderful. You should keep in mind people's love languages during all of this - it might help you understand them quicker. Date #3 might be a "acts of service" guy, which means it's important for him to do things for someone he cares about to show them his love. You might be more of a "words of encouragement" or "physical touch" person. Knowing your language might help you find what you're looking for, too.

    Okay, enough Dr. Phil. Loving your stories - glad I can vicariously be a part of your journey. :)

  6. I was going to room with one of my dorm mates the next year. I thought he was ok/cool, but we still needed to get better acquainted. One night he was so drunk (or averagely drunk?) and pissed in the service elevator. Needless to say, we were not roommates next year.