Tuesday, May 3, 2011

date #2: alcohol = bad decisions

how do i even start writing about a night that lasted seven hours!?

[insert writer's block here]

[insert scratching of the head, a yawn, ADD, banging of head against floor, time passing, etc.]

maybe i feel like i don't even want to share this night with you- like it's my own little happy moment where i just want to fold it up neatly and store it in my pocket for safe keeping. maybe i'm just scared that i've amped you up to hear about a great evening... and that i won't be able to illustrate it properly. maybe i just need to remind myself that even though i do have a small audience following my blogs, i can't focus on the expectations that are a result of that. i need to just be me- straightforward and honest.


originally we had this killer itinerary lined up. we were going to go experience fine dining with the Love Balls Bus, head over to Goodwill to nab some ridiculous garb, and then go show the world how bad we are at putt putt but how good we are at acting like baboons. (to me, the latter is far superior in importance.) tell me that wouldn't have made for some good writing.

it seems like things were working against everyone. Love Balls ended up having difficulties (but was awesome enough to call me back and let me know!), my crew girl was fighting insane traffic, and on top of everything else, on May 2nd in Austin, Texas, it was cold and rainy.

luckily enough, date #2 and i are used to colder climates, so we found comfort in that hoodie weather and embraced it. a quick decision was made: pub quiz. Shangri-la. 7pm. bring your game face.

i must have forgotten mine at home.

• round #1: monkeys. Ross's pet monkey's name on Friends? c'mon. and someone please explain to me why i couldn't remember the Beastie Boys' album name that houses Brass Monkey! i was so ashamed that i felt it necessary to lean toward my phone and whisper "i'm sorry brother" as if he could hear me.
• round #2: music... quit looking at me. pop culture is overrated.
• in round #3 my date blew me out of the water.
• i don't even remember round #4.
• then round #5 came around with its silly subject of Czech knowledge. i'm sorry Grandma. i adore you and the memory of your amazing kolaches, but who the heck knows anything about the Czech??

aaand that's about the time where we graduated into personal conversation. i had to explain the back-story of how he became involved: a friend of a good friend of mine (both still back in Nebraska) contacted me saying that she had heard about my project and knew a friend from junior high that's now living down here that would probably be interested... and here we are now.

and even though we had never met before tonight, it was smooth right from the get-go. in fact, we introduced ourselves with a hug. a show of hands please- who's ever experienced that with an almost-blind-date?

it seems that with every new beer that was added to our collection, we dug deeper into our stories, our thoughts, ideas about society, and opinions about dating... until we realized it was midnight, neither of us had eaten supper, and we still had topics to discuss.

so that's when the bad decisions ensued. i know the title might have been misleading to you, but quit thinking what you're thinking sirs and madams!

i've developed health issues over the past few years that make certain (most) foods hard for me to handle, especially at night. i should know better. i know better. but it's so hard sometimes. i don't think my body has even begun to digest the biscuits and gravy i shoveled in at 2 o'clock this morning. or the eggs, sausage and two pancakes... at this point i'm tempted to induce vomiting but i heard somewhere that was considered taboo.

i suppose that's a small price to pay to be able to continue an awesome conversation. i can't even remember the last time i was able to hang out with someone new for that long without getting bored or frustrated!

eek! i have to get to my next date! i'll be seeing you tomorrow ;)


  1. "so that's when the bad decisions ensued. i know the title might have been misleading to you, but quit thinking what you're thinking sirs and madams!" um. yeah. guilty. but all-niters spent just hanging out are some of the best.

  2. I'm sad we don't get pictures of these boys to vote on or something. That would probably ruin the whole anonymous thing, but I would have fun anyway. Plus you seem to be finding some very interesting people, and me with the camera attached to my hand, I want to see their faces.

  3. Awesome so happy this was a good one!

  4. I love this project! Kudos!

  5. This guys sounds awesome! Just don't leave your pillow cases unattended.