Saturday, May 14, 2011

date #12: beauty and the beatz

i am so tired of downtown right now. so sick of fighting my way around with one-way streets and people crossing when they're not supposed to, where they're not supposed to... and parking? what a headache. typically i don't mind walking a good ways, but if i'm part of a show, not only do i have to be there at a certain time, i have things i have to carry with me.

a new friend of mine asked if i would supply the jewelry for her fashion show at the Phoenix and in return i asked if she would find me a date. i had been reluctant to ask guys to come to this event knowing that at times i would have to be in back helping with the models. it really worked out that her and her husband had a good friend that was coming to the show anyway and was willing to be my date.

this is the first guy that i haven't had any communication with whatsoever before meeting him. in fact, i didn't know a single thing about him. i will admit to searching for him on facebook to get a quick picture before i left and my first thought was that he was good looking but didn't really seem like he was my type. he was a little too clean-cut for my usual taste.

again, the picture didn't do justice; behind those sunglasses he has some gorgeous eyes.

the event started off pretty impressive. all of the models' hair and makeup were done amazing (thanks to my cousin Mary Rae Arvizu and a couple of stylists from Bird's Barbershop) and, well, Cheryl's line of clothing is just striking. her entire half of the show was pretty rock solid, including the other designers and my personal favorite: the hip-hop dancers. what a bad idea for a blind date though. we barely had a chance to talk with me running off in spurts and it being absurdly loud in there. plus, the other half of the show was put together by someone else and in those moments i wanted to "beatz" my head against the wall. at least we had that to bond over! we laughed at the thought of having to take a shot every time one of the rappers said "uhh" or "yeah". actually, that's probably what we should've been doing; it would've been more entertaining.

date #12, i definitely want to hang out with you, Cheryl, and her husband this summer but unfortunately i don't think i can date someone with children. i have so many creative goals that involve traveling over the years and i would really like to find someone who could be my wingman. thank you for hanging out with me and agreeing to be my date. it was great to meet you.

worst part of the night: the "rappers"
worst part of the date: not being able to talk.
best part of the night: Cheryl telling me that he thought i was pretty.
best part of the date: his eyes.

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  1. I know, just getting to this one ...
    Yay Cheryl! How fun! And yay Amber and working AND dating -- it's tough, but you made it work! Great job!