Saturday, May 14, 2011

date #11: double exposure and peter pan

i met date #11 at an art show that we were both a part of a few months back. i had been standing in front of his piece intrigued by the in-depth description of its meaning. i was also drawn to his in particular because we were the only two that decided against taking the theme of the show literally. he must have noticed how intent i was to pick it apart because he came over to ask my thoughts on it. conversation progressed about other creative elements and the subject of this project came up. we exchanged cards... and then i lost his.

when i was working on setting up these dates, i knew i had to search for that damn card and get him to be a part. i figured that if i could talk to this stranger so easily, i needed to include him in my life, even if it just ends up being artistically.

i found the card, got a thumbs up, got it situated, and then he threw the word "motorcycle" at me. if that was the only thing that we did all day, i'd be more than content, i'd be completely at peace. too bad you can't really get to know someone that way. it almost defeats the purpose of a date, doesn't it?

the weatherman threatened us with a chance of rain and i thought i was going to have to curse the clouds again for ruining plans. see, besides the ride, we decided on taking the Holga camera out on a photo adventure at Mayfield Park. luckily we were both willing to take a chance and play it by ear.

before heading to Precision Camera to grab some film, i got a brief pep talk on riding with him. i actually appreciated him being straightforward with me because then i knew he took riding seriously and would be mindful of having a backseater. turns out i reciprocated the same level of attentiveness; the first thing he made sure to tell me once we parked was that i was a great passenger. i will wear that badge with pride, thank you very much sir!

the photo adventure was definitely 100% experiment. after one shot and before winding to the next, the camera was handed off to the other person to take an overlaying shot (called a double exposure). we'll have to wait and see if anything turns out once it's developed but no matter what the end result, it was something perfect to do on a date, especially when hiking through the trees. the peace and quiet gave us the opportunity to engage in conversation without any interruption while the shared camera gave us a focal point to come back to and build off of.

i think once we started talking about food (one of my favorite subjects), it was time to get out of there. since we had been discussing the effects that certain things have been having on us at our old age, certain "healthy" restaurants came up in conversation. Mother's Cafe became our decision and holy shipwreck was i glad he suggested it. my portabello sandwich with guacamole was superb.

after stuffing the entire thing into my stomach, he said that he would be up for some Peter Pan Mini Golf and even though i felt bad that i was supposed to do that with #2 (i'm sorry!), it has been on my list for some time. a six-pack of Tecate was acquired (and quite possibly required for a BYOB putt-putt place) and he then preceded to kill me on the green. i'm getting really tired of admitting to losing. i need to start tailoring these dates to include things i'm good at, like...

...okay, i'm just not good with competition.

no matter; i love laughing at myself. and by all means, laugh with me because chances are i'd laugh at you if the tables were turned. also because i think being embarrassed is an almost useless emotion and if i'm the only one laughing at myself, well... that's just embarrassing for both of us. and that's no fun.

so thank you date #11 for being fun. (in addition to being a digger- trying to find hidden meanings in things.)

worst part of the date: him bursting my bubble of coming to the end of the road in finding what i'm supposed to be doing in this life.
worst part of the day: being overcast when taking photos.

best part of the date: my hole in one ;)
best part of the day: it starting to sprinkle on the motorcycle ride home.

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  1. When putting it's good to remember Chubbs' advice:

    "It's all in the hips."