Tuesday, April 19, 2011

the list- october 2009

i tore apart my room just to find this. i knew i had saved it somewhere!

what i would like in a guy:

• the two ends of the spectrum- incredibly goofy yet introspective.
• a crazy, goofball sense of humor where i could do anything and he would just look at me, laugh, then join in.
• a sense of adventure and play- someone who wants to pick the world apart and then build new worlds over, around and under.
• someone who can appreciate the beauty in things. the things a lot of people take for granted.
• someone who sparks the imagination and stirs up my creativity.
• a strong sense of identity and can stand on his own. but gives.
• someone who believes in me and supports all of my endeavors.
• the obvious: trustworthy, honest, caring.
• strong sense of morals.
• someone who uses his talents.
• can spell.
• a best friend.

if i can't get all of that, i'd be willing to give up the spelling ;)

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  1. Most lists are facepalm-worthy exercises in vainglorious entitlement, but I think this is meaningful list.