Saturday, April 23, 2011

sponsorship details

dearest weirdest,

i've started this intense social project called "30 dates in 30 days" and i'm looking for local sponsors to help with funding in exchange for advertising.

-first let me go into details about what i'm doing:
i've been single for 2.5 years, in austin for one of those years, and i've barely had a handful of dates. so i decided to take matters into my own hands. starting may 1st, 2011 i'm meeting up with 30 different single men from the ages of 25 to 35 in 30 consecutive days. throughout the entire process, i'm documenting, blogging, filming and doing interviews with the help of my crew (AudioBrad Productions/3One Media). we feel like this project has potential to be a great documentary.

-what i hope to achieve:
am i looking for mr. right? i can't deny that i am. do i believe that's actually what's going to come out of this? no. but one can only hope.

this is more or less an experiment- a study of communication and interaction between the opposite sex and the modern age of dating. i guess i'm wanting to get inside some minds. i want to break down stereotypes and barriers, maybe inspiring people to take a more unique and possibly bold approach to dating. i've read that Austin is one of the best cities for dating. i want to experience that!

so that's where you come in. i'm hoping to showcase some really unique businesses and organizations, ones that i believe in and hopefully ones that make for some extreme/funny/wonderful dates. i do want to express that my goal for the sponsors is not to walk away with a handful of cash, it's to walk away with a film.

-monetary sponsorship and/or hosting a date in exchange for:
• ad space on the blog
• a write-up (in the next day's blog post) about our experience at your company, if applicable
• facebook/twitter posts
• you will be mentioned in the credits of the documentary, possibly showcased on the actual film
• will be mirroring my blogs on their website!

details can be discussed upon further inquiry.


  1. did 100 dates .. something like this, but you should reach out to her. @jenfriel im sure she could give you some good insight here...

  2. Don't you feel that the fact the people taking you on dates know that they are involved in a social experiment makes it an invalid social experiment? The simple fact that they are aware in this contradicts an appropriate study of behavioral practices while on a date.

    It's like putting a video camera on somebody, if they know they're being recorded, they'll act differently. You won't get a true reaction. Recording a date is one thing, but actively recruiting people for an experiment of which they are completely aware of all of the variables is different.

    It'd be one thing if you told the dates you were wanting to try 30 different restaurants/venues/locations for 30 consecutive days. This is a common practice with social experiments, you can recruit without releasing the full nature of the experiment thus yielding worthwhile results.