Saturday, February 19, 2011

the first steps

so i've started getting the word out about this project; i showcased it at the RAW Catalyst art show and i've posted it on facebook but i'm looking into a few more ways for it to spread. i think i'm going to send my information to Do512, the Chronicle, Thrillist Austin and there's already talk about an interview with 512 Unscripted. i only have a few guys signed up so far but i'm not worried quite yet. i have about two months to get to 30 and to work out all the details. i've given some cards away already but i need to brainstorm and see what other avenues i can go to try and land some dates. i am not signing up on a dating site and craigslist might worry me too much.

so far i've been told that i'm crazy numerous times and others are worried for my safety. don't worry people; i have a good head on my shoulders. i do have the right to turn people away.

i'm already anticipating problems so i'm going to be updating the blog site with how everything is going leading up to the actual dates. please follow along!

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  1. very interestsing, I am now following your blog!