Wednesday, March 2, 2011

my goals- the reason behind it all

am i looking for mr. right? i can't deny that i am. do i believe that's actually what's going to come out of this? no. but one can only hope.

this is more or less an experiment: a study of dating, of communication and interaction between the human race, specifically the opposite sex. because i've been alone so much in the past two years- and by "alone" i mean both a single status and the fact that i've been traveling by myself and also locked up in my room working on art- i feel like i don't even know where to start when it comes to pursuing a significant other. you know, studies show that Austin is supposed to be one of the best places for dating in the U.S. so what the hell is my problem? do i just walk around with this "no thanks" attitude? am i supposed to be the one pursuing? am i just not looking in the right places? do i have too high of standards? i guess i'm wanting to get inside some minds. i want to find this all out for me and maybe help others find some answers for themselves as well. i want to find out why Austin is one of the best dating cities. i want to inspire people to maybe take a more unique and possibly bold approach to dating.

of course i'll probably be going out for some dinners and possibly a few movies, but i also want to take it a step further and see what happens. that's why i've decided to change the details of the project. i'm going to be seeking out sponsors in the Austin (and possibly surrounding) area who would want to be a part of this study. my goal at this moment is to get at least ten solid sponsors to be a third of the dates. i really want to dig deep into Austin and uncover some unique goodies to share.

through it all, including trying to find the dates/sponsors, i'm going to be filming, blogging, documenting and doing interviews because this has the potential for a great documentary.

at the very least, when the whole thing is said and done, i'm hoping it will get me back into the dating scene.

(but i doubt i'll settle for "least")


  1. Your ambition never ceases to amaze me.

  2. Just milk your dates for information. Where is their favorite this, that, the other thing. Go to garage sales and ask if the people would like to participate, and ask them things.

  3. I'd be interested in spending an evening meeting you and getting to know you--but as a friend first. Would that count as a date? That word is loaded with connotation.

  4. well i don't get physical at all on the first date so... i guess all of my firsts are just as friends... right?

  5. That's kind of along the lines of it. But some guys will hang out in a one-on-one situation with intentions of a long-term relationship right away, whereas other guys start hanging out in one-on-one situations with no expectations. I'm generally a no-expectation person, mainly because a lot of my long-term plans tend to change, for example.

    I think I just answered my question though. If you're going out on 30 dates, then there's no way you'd have long-term expectations since, if you happened to meet Mr. Perfect on day one, you'd leave yourself with no other choice but to waste time with lesser guys for the rest of the month :p