Friday, February 18, 2011

about this project

i have been in austin for eight months and have barely had a date. hell, i’ve had less than a handful over the past two years. i will take partial blame for that, as so many days have been consumed by work or locked in my room producing art, BUT- i’ve decided that needs to change. rather than scour the bars for drunkards or internet chat rooms for creeps, i went with something a little more interesting.

during the month of May i’m going to be going on 30 dates in 30 consecutive days and documenting each one through this blog, along with any struggles that are sure to join me on this project. also, i am working on getting video set up. if i can get a few people that are willing to be dedicated and be a part of this, it might be a great addition. the blog would delve into my thoughts and opinions whereas the video would be more of a raw, vulnerable look at the dates.

if you sign up, you have to consent to a few things:
1) you are a single male between the ages of 25 and 35.
2) i am going to be showing this to the public and i have the right to publish anything you say or do and all that i think or feel about you.
3) i cannot spend even a dime. if you want to go with the “free” route, certainly fine by me. if you want to find coupons- from the woman who has been dubbed the “coupon queen”- by all means! if you’d like to go somewhere and eat, go to a show or whatever your heart desires, then hell yeah. just know that i can’t pay for anything.

get creative! because in turn for you paying for the night, i’m basically turning over my free will. whatever you plan, i agree to.* plus, the more thought you put into our date, the more i’ll write about you. the more i write about you, the more exposure you’ll get, even if it’s just to catch the eye of a lucky lady... maybe me?

at any rate, i want to reward the impressive. i don’t want to specify what the award will entail because i like to give gifts that are tailored to a person specifically. maybe it will be a painting. maybe a special feature of one’s talents on 512 Unscripted. maybe a second date where i plan and pay for everything. maybe i’ll be your slave for a day (oh please do not misconstrue this). who knows!

*a few restrictions apply. no bugs, offensive material, or anything of the like. if i think you’ve gone too far, i do have the right to say no and even cancel the date.

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  1. Hi, just thought you might like to know that one of my very favorite British comedians, Richard Herring, did this very same thing a few years ago. It is well documented on his blog and a subsequent standup show, so you may want to Google him and check it out for inspiration and some tips.