Monday, May 23, 2011

speed bumps

i just wanted to let everyone know that i've run into some complications. long story short- both my car and my computer are down right now. i had to borrow my roommate's car to make it to the library just so i could write this.

i'm still going on my dates and i still plan on writing blogs about the rest of them and putting something together at the very end. i don't know how things are going to progress this week but i just wanted to tell everyone that i haven't given up!

...even though a big part of me thinks that sounds wonderful...


  1. Sorry to hear about the computer and your car, I know the feeling.

    You can do it! Home stretch. You inspired me to get working on my movie.

  2. What happened to your computer? Is it fixable?

    See if there's an upcoming date with a tech guy who can fix it...if not, should I volunteer? :p

  3. Don't let these hiccups discourage you!You're through the half-way point! No turning back now. :) Go Amber go!

    p.s. I say take the date w/ the tech guy. ;) AND a mechanic -- maybe you can work on your car AS the date. Haha. I love working on cars, that's the only reason I write it.

    Happy dating sweet girl!

  4. Hey, if you need anything at all you let me know. I will do what I can to help.

    "Especially you should know it's what I do..."

  5. were driving really fast when you hit a speed bump, which caused your computer to become airborne, thereby breaking both?

  6. Hey Amber... stop spending your money on drinks downtown and go to the library to finish your posts. There is no project that doesn't have a conclusion. Your character flaws become as apparent through your response to circumstance as they are in your dates as read through your blog. If you ever try this project again try taking the guy on a date YOU imagined. For all your claims to advancing the gender you so far have failed by ensuring the guy dictates the pace and *ahem* pay for everything.

    Tisk tisk.