Friday, May 20, 2011

date #18: chicken and waffles

i'm sorry to any date that would have to follow #17. it's making it really hard to write... that, and the fact that it felt more like a meeting than it was a date.

we had planned to meet at Lucky J's trailer at 7:00 and when i got there a minute early, he was talking strictly business with someone. i stood there patiently looking like a nerd. i imagined i was in the lobby, just waiting for the receptionist to say "mr. sir will see you now, go right in." once we ordered our food, he started asking me questions about how the project was going, if i was interested in any of the dates, if any had tried to kiss me, etc. i'm really glad he was curious enough to inquire, but it ended up feeling somewhat like an interview. i suppose maybe he had been looking at the project the same way, only from the opposite perspective. "#18, you're up next. what do you feel are your best qualities and how can you contribute to my company?" funny thought, but i hope not.

then, when his phone rang, he told someone on the other end that we were sitting at the trailer and that he'd see them in a bit. this woman shows up and instantly i was confused. i guess that was business as well, not anything romantic, and she turned out to be really sweet, but... is that normal while on a date?

we talked for a little while longer over a drink next door, but for the most part it was about food and following dreams. i definitely do not have a problem with that, as i am passionate about both said subjects, but i did notice something. i'm sure he didn't intentionally try to do this, but there was an underlying negativity that came up multiple times throughout the entire night.

date #18, don't worry about other businesses and how they're making their decisions. forget about the people you used to know and their perception on what living a good life means, even if they are truly wrong. you've followed your dream and have made it to where you are today and that's all you should worry about. yes, you've worked your ass off and tried to do things right. be proud of that. don't even waste your mind thinking about where other people are messing up their lives.

worst part of the day: wondering if he heard how embarrassing my brakes sounded when i arrived.
worst part of the date: the business interactions.
best part of the day: eating Lucky J's!! yam. waffle taco with chicken, bacon, swiss, honey, and hot sauce. AND he also let me get the one with peanut butter, nutella, bananas, and honey. it's a good thing i didn't wear my skinny jeans that night...
best part of the date: hearing about a few of his old dating stories, one involving the girl huffing some sort of cleaner. shoot... what was it again...


  1. i love chicken and waffles.

  2. Oh, wow. #awkwardturtle

  3. For someone running the rat race, it sure is nice that he'll deign to eat at a food trailer :p It's the Austin vibe getting to him maybe...

  4. I'm catching up on your "dates" should have done something like this when I was sounds like it's been really fun!

  5. should be titled chicken and "wah-wah-waffles"
    some people!