Tuesday, May 10, 2011

date #ate: brunch in the park

the very first thing that i have to mention about date #8 is that everything was his idea. he had asked me if i would be able to drag my carcass out of bed for a sunday brunch in Pease Park and stated that he would take care of everything; i just needed to bring my appetite.

i had just assumed that he was going to grab some ready-made items from the market. where did this assumption come from? was it because he's male? or was it just directed toward the general public? i have to apologize in any case; this guy went above and beyond.

the menu: mini quiches (olive ++), fresh bread, a tomato and mozzarella salad, homemade pesto sauce, pico, coffee, a thick chocolate mousse, and my first mimosa. all of the ingredients were fresh from the farmer's market or Central Market, everything was made from scratch, and it all looked beautiful. sitting back and taking everything in, i completely understood why he was almost 30 minutes late! with the attention to detail, the creativity, and of course the flavor, it was well worth the wait. i should probably admit that i have no right to be upset with anyone if they're not on time... i'm probably late to something at least once a week. my horrible concept of time is something i'm working on, i promise.

i know that everyone is expecting me to complain about certain things and some people think that i'm not being critical enough, but i don't know what to say to that! overall i've had some great dates and this one is no different in that regard. i have absolutely nothing bad to say about date #8. he's truly kind, has a great sense of humor, is put together, a musician...

oh wait! how could i forget this?? i do have a qualm: he hates on the Mountain Goats. sorry date #8, you would never pass my best friend Ben's test. it's a pretty strict guideline. that little tidbit of information also made me wonder what other quarrels we would have about music. he studies the actual music and the chords behind it; i examine lyrics and the depth behind them. i'm not necessarily saying that the two couldn't mesh, it's just something i personally thought about. we decided that at some point CD compilations needed to be carefully executed by both of us and exchanged.

later that night i came to find an email from him sitting in my inbox. i couldn't believe it. he had already arranged something and sent it to me! it was perfect to listen to while i was writing because i had never heard any of the songs and most of them were just plain beautiful, like Themselves and WHY? i generally have to give mixes three or four listens before i can get a good grasp on how i feel about everything so, date #8, i'll get back to you soon!

best part of the date: the food.
best part of the day: getting my mixed CD.
worst part of the date: the negativity towards one of my favorite bands.
worst part of the day: feeling uncomfortable because of the heat and my glasses sliding down my nose like a nerd.


  1. sounds awesome! I can't wait for the documentary footage! Eeek!

  2. Sounds good overall. Don't nit-pick too much, differences can be interesting and I've learned to like new things and have become quite interested in some stuff I would have never looked into if it wasn't for G. Think of the differences as a chance to get a new perspective on something you wouldn't normally look at twice. If ya'll are pretty compatible, it should be an interesting trip.

  3. best part about this blog: you giving love to the Mountain Goats . . . John Darnielle is my favorite!

  4. i have no clue how anyone could hate the mountain goats. that being said to each his own. keep on keepin on girl. cant wait for your next call.