Thursday, April 28, 2011

date ideas:

i'll be adding more as i think of them. feel free to brainstorm with me!

sundays: Kung Fu Saloon- freeplay game day
sundays: Doc's Backyard- geeks who drink pub quiz
mondays: Shangri-la- pub quiz
wednesdays: ND- slam poetry nights
fridays/saturdays: Cafe Caffeine- comedy sportz

Austin Sketchfest
Man Man
double date for airborne toxic event with my beautiful bud Shelby

avocado margarita at Curra's
purple margarita at Baby A's
Veggie Heaven
Mr. Natural
Arthouse at the jones center
Austin planetarium
Whole Foods or Central Market cooking classes
see a play at the Zach Theatre or the like

firing range
record, comic or book store
roller derby
swing dancing
brewery tour
tattoo date
rock climbing
volunteer at soup kitchen
disperse "art for change" (hand out art to the homeless to "sell")
art date (each have a canvas, then trade every so often)
photo adventure (possibly themed)