Monday, June 13, 2011

date #20: MASH

i know i've been absent for a while now, and for that, i'm sorry. i could tell you all of the reasons (or excuses) as to why i haven't been posting, but is that really what you want to hear?

but tell me, do you even want to hear about more dates?? i'm so bored with writing about them; i can't imagine that society would actually want to read about another "good conversation" or awkward situation. to tell you the truth, i would've probably stopped reading by now. but here i am, forcing myself to finish the last ten because that's what i said i would do, even though all i want to do is write about abstract ideas that have been on my mind, or conversations i've overheard on the bus, or even post some of the old "love" letters that were exchanged between me and a couple of my ex-boyfriends. maybe that's what i should've set out to do in the first place... maybe i'll just make all of that a part of the documentary...

so when i write about #20, do i tell you that we went to Bull McCabe's Irish Pub and how i love that place because it reminds me of my brother and how he had worked in basically the same place up in Milwaukee for eight years- the same atmosphere with a great, personable vibe, same decor, and one helluva jukebox? do i blab about having a few (appropriate) pints of Guinness and how the drinking kept progressing even as we went to see The Death Set at Red7 and now i don't even remember some of what was said because of it? isn't that the story of most of our lives anyway?

i can definitely say that #20 was an easy date. wait. let me rephrase: #20 made the date very easy to get through. he was a patient listener, a laid-back talker, and he didn't seem at all reserved. i think that's a great indication of someone who is confident with who they are. he seemed to understand my crazy dreams and why i felt it necessary to take chances to see them come true. and lastly, he completely took it in stride when i suggested that we play MASH. i think the last time i played that, it was with my sister just a couple of years ago, (what? we're goons, what can i say?) but he barely remembered what it was about. i asked him what his top four of various subjects where and after the numbers game, this is what we predicted his future to be: he lands the job as Bob Ross's replacement, marries Penelope Cruz, has three kids and a chocolate lab in a mansion in Barcelona... and drives a toyota tacoma. unfortunately i lost my napkin to the wind, so i don't have proof, but i swear this is my story: i end up living in an Australian mansion with my husband, date #5, seven kids and a monkey, and i drive an RV for my job as a "selfless revolutionary artist" (his title, not mine!). what's funny about this, is that it's almost exactly what i'd like to see in my future. i definitely don't need a mansion and i'm not sure about that many kids but i guess i wouldn't be opposed to it. when we're ready to come back to the US, we'll just donate the mansion to the homeless or something. As for date #5- he ended up on the list because after Joel McHale, Johnny Depp and some other random actor, i couldn't think of anyone else to add to the list. date #20 suggested i put down one of my favorite dates so far and voila! fortune told. the end.

worst part of the night: the band not playing until about 12:30-1:00 and us leaving early because i'm too tipsy and tired to care anymore.
worst part of the date: i was hoping he would get more creative with his MASH answers. guess i should've went first. although the Bob Ross replacement was pretty good...
best part of the night: i don't know about "best" but i sure did enjoy the lippy, ornery irish-accented bartender!
best part of the date: him hailing and paying for a cab so my drunk face could get home in one piece.


  1. I feel like the date was good enough such that the listed "best part" should have been something else :p What did you think about date #20? Date material? Just signing up for a date for the heck of it?

    Hang in there; we're waiting for the last of the date posts!

  2. Don't get discouraged. If you have insightful bits about conversation and personality then keep sharing those. Otherwise, there is undeniable value in the date activity ideas you provide. This was my first time hearing about MASH.

  3. that's unfortunate!!! when i saw/shot death set during sxsw they were timely and REALLY entertaining. but regardless...