Sunday, April 17, 2011

my "perfect" guy... 7 years ago

i'm going through an old blog that i had many years ago and laughed aloud. i hope i'm sharing that laughter by posting this:

Sunday, 22 February 2004

"wouldn't it be great if we lived in a photoshop world? besides the fact that you could make yourself thinner or change your eye/hair color in a matter of seconds, you could also just copy and paste different traits/features of guys you want to suit your wants and needs.

for example, here's what my "perfect" guy would be like:

mel gibson's faith
johnny knoxville's sexiness
adam sandler's humor
brandon boyd's voice
matt skiba's mysteriousness
davey havok's poetic mind
chris carraba's passion
ashton kutcher's goofiness and hair
and anything from matthew perry to fill in spaces

i'm drooling just thinking about this man"


  1. the perfect definition of why girls & guys don't understand why they/we can't find love.

    Girl want 10 different traits from 10 different guys that, honestly, cannot be combined... So the guy from your old work place that came in 2 days in a row... if you did somehow manage to utter a few words to him and get a date... would you turn him down the instant you realized he wasn't your "perfect man"? If your answer is "no" (or anything besides "yes") then are you termed as "settling"?

    As a 28 year-old single man that believes I'm pretty easy to get along with & fun as shit with a decent body & passion... I believe that the only way people fall in love is by settling.

    From the guys point, we don't take a whole bunch of traits from 10's of girls and smush them together and say "perfect". Guys are much simpler. I would say: Gwenth Paltrow. some will say Carmen Electra. some: Brittnany Spears, or whoever, but never will you hear a guy hope for Jill Taylor's humor with Cameron Diaz eyes, and Brittney Murphey's ass... that's just crazy: and what girls seek is an impossible goal and therefore: will settle.

  2. what a great reply. thanks lyle; that spurred me to find the list of wants in a guy that i wrote a little over a year ago. i will post that in a new blog.

    also- a friend of a friend down here just wrote a book on finding the love of your life by sticking to your list. i'd love to see her reaction to this.

    p.s. you are fun as shit.

  3. Brad Pitt doesn't have anything on your list. I guess you're ruling him out ;)

  4. yeah, never been much of a fan ;)